About Us

CanCraft is a renovation company that prides itself with customer satisfaction. Over 15 years experience, we are able to offer many services and will help you each step of the way. We use only licenced and skilled professionals to make your hopes and dreams become a reality. CanCraft is here to help with any renovation and upgrade project and we can also provide electricians, plumbers HVAC technicians, painters and floor installers. A full range of professionals to fulfil all your needs. CanCraft specializes in building custom cabinets and kitchens, living spaces and doors in the house. We are also experts in refacing cabinets and counters and bringing a new life to the existing room. We have transformed bathrooms, basements, hallways, stairways, small spaces, business stores into stunning makeover or new masterpieces.

Cancraft is here to help you and understands that your home is where you live and should be a place of beauty, comfort and indulgence, without the worry of high and hidden costs.

All CanCraft employees are required to follow a code of conduct to guarantee that they can complete your project to your satisfaction. This includes:

  • Safety
  • Respect for customers, children, pets and their home
  • High standards of quality work
  • Timely response to customers’ concerns or enquiries
  • Cleanliness
  • Reliable


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